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Blog - Overview

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Madbean Dirtbaby

Lets get Dirtbaby...

The Dirtbaby is a recreation of the Deluxe Memory Man with the common delay chip PT2399. The DMM is Delay pedal by EHX which is also able to emulate a chorus / vibrato effect.
The edge of U2 is using the DMM for a lot of rythm stuff (fe: U2 Song - Pride), so ive decided to build a dirtbaby (sidenote: Theres a new madbean project for a analog Memory Man now available: The Total Recall).

All the parts are easy to obtain. The hardest part (for me) was the 2u2F NP (non polaric cap)

The Pedal sounds really great, its very very versatile. If you like delay pedals, i strongly recommend building it!

For my build ive used a true bypass switching system by
This cool switching works with a microcontroller and a relay. It ensures absolute noise-less switching and a longer life (momentary switches last longer than common 3PDT switches)

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


OCD Pedal

The OCD (which stands for Obsessive Compulsive Drive) is an Overdrive Pedal developed by Fulltone. 
Its a very famous pedal for its drive capabilities (also higher territories, almost distortion like) and its retaining the bass frequencies (a tube screamer kinda pedal is more mid-rangy)

 The OCD is a very simple circuit and easy to build. Its a basically a standard op-amp drive circuit (like a tube screamer) with an enhanced tone stack.
Additionally theres a switch between LP and HP. The HP mode adds additional resistor in parallel, which decreases the output resistance and increases the output / headroom.
 The components required are all easy obtainable.

There are some Projects to build an OCD, one is the Madbean Egodriver (can be ordered via the discontinued Projects page). The Egodriver is great, because of its additional feature, the clipping option. Clipping can be switched between the default MOSFET stage or an additional LED stage. LEDs sound really great for this circuit.



My Build 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Phase 90

The MXR Phase 90, probably the most popular Phaser Pedal (especially since Eddie Van Halen used it). The Phase 90 is a JFET base Phaser circuit.

It uses 4 JFETs which needs to be matched to get proper phasing. For my build ive used a Madbean NomNom PCB and a matched JFET Quartett from Musikding (2n5952)
You mach the JFETS by yourself too. Instructions for this are in the Madbean NomNom build doc.

 All parts except the JFETs are very easy to obtain.

For my build ive used following mods, which are the original does not have:
  • Rate LED (which is also used as bypass LED)
  • Feedback switch (intesifies phasing, when on)


 My Build

Buzzaround Fuzz

Burns Buzzaround

The Buzzaround is a Fuzz Pedal, which is based on the Germanium Tonebender, but has some variations. Soundwise its something between a Tonebender and a FuzzFace.

It features 3 germanium transistors, the original features NKT213, which are very hard to obtain. Ive used AC125 for my build (ordered from musikding).

The Buzzaround is a very simple circuit, and its very easy to build. Projects for the Buzzaround are:
  • Madbean Bumblebee: Very good documentation (as always). Features an additional Volume knob.
  • GuitarPCB FuzzyBee: Ive used this PCB for my build. Musikding also sells kits. Note: If you want PCB mounted pots, then dont go with the kit and order some 9mm PC mount pots.
Since the Buzzaround features PNP transistors, the circuit would be positive ground. Both projects have a IC on board (as of FuzzyBee V2), for voltage invertion. This enables the pedal to be used along a multi  power supply with other standard effects.


Drill Plan

Download the Drill Template for the Guitar PCB project here. I have resized the one from the original document.

My Build

Friday, December 4, 2015

Deep Blue Delay with Tap Tempo

The Deep Blue Delay is pedal by MadProfessor. Its a digital delay with smooth analog sound, based on the classic PT2399 chip.
Its very standard, 3 knobs: One for delay time, one for repeats and one for the volume / mix level.

This delay pedal is very expensive. Also it features no tap tempo. Since ive always wanted to do a tap tempo delay, i thought it was good idea to combine.


This is where ive got all the parts:

Build Instructions

Since the Deep Blue Delay circuit is not intended to use for Tap Tempo, here are some instructions that are essential. Some of them were not mentioned in any build doc
  • Connect Pin 6 of the PT2399 to the according PAD marked on the Taptation PCB.
    Theres an extra Pad on the Sea urchin pcb to do so
  • Omit the Delay pot on the Sea urchin pcb. The delay pot is on the taptation pcb
  • Connect PIN 4 (DGND) of the PT2399 to Ground! this is important, otherwise the Chip keeps locking up = no delay effect
  • Connect a Pull-Down resistor from the output of the effect to GROUND. Ive used a 100k resistor. This is to avoid the loud pop sound, when switching the pedal on/off.
Wire everything else up, as shown in the build docs.

This build should fit easily in a 1590BB enclosure

You find the Sea urchin schematic, BOM and layout here

My Build

Monday, November 2, 2015

King of Tone Overdrive (Queen of Bone)

King of Tone

The king of tone is one of the most hyped overdrive pedals of all time.
Its developed by analogman, but basically its based on the Marshall Bluesbreaker Overdrive. Its a dual channel overdrive pedal, so its basically 2 in 1.
Both overdrive sides are basically identical, beside what clipping diodes and what presence is set in the pedal inside (there are switches for the diodes and a trimpot for the presence)



My Build

For my build ive used the Quenn of Bone PCB from
I can highly recommend it. its not expensive, high quality and a lot of fun to build

i also used the rare MA856 diodes
You can order the MA856 diodes here:

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Avalanche / SOV Overdrive

SOV Overdrive

The SOV Overdrive is Tube screamer circuit based OD pedal, with charge pump and some variations. Its developed by the company Free the tone - from japan. Matt schofield is using his custom made version of this pedal

The Avalanche project from rullywow is a take on the SOV. great pcb

Very transparent, loud and dynamic!



Drill Plan

Find here the resized drill template of the build doc

My Build

For my build ive used a red powder coated box, with waterslide + envirotex for finishing.
As switching ive used a relay bypass kit (noiseless) from  


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Big Cheese Fuzz

Its getting Cheesy

The Big Cheese is a pedal developed by Lovetone, a company from the UK who discontinued making pedal. So all their pedals are kinda "Holy Grails"

The big cheese is a silicon Fuzz Face variant with an Input and output buffer, tone control - tone cap switch etc...a very versatile Fuzz!

there are following tone options:
  • off = disables the tone control
  • 1 = regular tone mode
  • 2 = more midrangy
  • 3 = cheese mode, crazy fuzz mode (the trimpot is to adjust this tone mode only) 


My Build

Ive used a feta complis pcb for my build. its a very well made PCB from OSH park (by plesur)
It fits a 125B enclosure nicely and has board mounted pots.
Fuzzdogs pedal parts has also a kit for this.

Also ive drawn a comic mouse for my pedal label :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

TubeScreamer 808 Mini

I dont need to say anything about this circuit. The Tubescreamer - a classic circuit developed in the 70s - evolved from the Boss OD1 - is a simple, transparent and great Overdrive pedal!

Challenge was to make it fit in a tiny 1590A enclosure.



For this project ive used a Screamin Baby PCB from
and a switching board from TH-Customs 

ive painted the enclosure glitter green and used envirotex lite for the finish

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Multiplex Echo Machine


The Multiplex Echo Machine is a Tape Echo simulator Pedal. Its basically a dual digital delay with an analog sound. So two delay channels are mixed together (Delay1 and Delay2 knobs)
The Pedal features 3 different modes and a speed footswitch (to increase the delay time steadily)

There is also a modulation addon (with an LFO). Ive added this to the Delay circuit.
Theres an additional toggle switch (On-off-on) to switch modulation between Delay1 or Delay2 or turn modulation off. modulation pcb also features the knobs Depth and Speed.
For me the modulation has a reverb / vibrato kinda feel to it.

The Project can be found on

Schematic and build doc can also be found there


My Build

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Blackstone Mosfet Overdrive


The Blackstone Mosfet Overdrive is a Pedal developed by a company named Blackstone Appliances.

It is total different than other overdrives, and is not based on any circuit i know. It has a fuzzy sound on some settings, and it sounds smooth and creamy and provides great sustain


My Build

Ive used a Madbean mysterioso pcb to build this. you can find this one in the discontinued pcb section in
the madbean forum:

It fits in a 1590B altough its a tight fit. I arranged everything horizontal and placed the LED on the other side of the switch.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fulldrive (Deadringer)


The fulldrive is an overdrive pedal originally developed by fulltone. its basically a tube screamer circuit but features mosfet clipping and a boost function for additional gain

the boost is no separate channel, it just increases the gain pot and therefore the overall circuits gain
That means, the boost section only works when the overdrive section is on.



My Build

I built this pedal with a madbean deadringer pcb (discontinued but available in the discontinued pcb section)

I made following changes:
  • Used a ON-OFF-ON toggle switch for the clipping switch, with the options: Mosfet, Diode and No Clipping
  • The other switch is wired up just to either add or remove flat mids from the circuit (connects or disconnects the 150k and 10nF cap)
in the original circuit theres on switch to toggle between mosfet and diode clipping, and one to choose between Flat (Flat Mids + Clipping), Compcut (FlatMids only) and Vintage (Clipping)
The computcut mode removes the clipping from the circuit, which will result in a volume / clean boost

ive managed it to put it all in a 1590B box, but it was a thight fit :)


You can download my decal here:

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Vox Clyde McCoy Wah

Vintage Wah...

So I already built a weener wah, which is based on the clyde mccoy
But I wanted to built a Clyde McCoy Wah as possible to the vintage specs as I could get. And I wanted to keep it simple, not extra switches etc...

I used the schematic from fuzz central:


Part sourcing

The hard part for this build was not building it but getting all the parts:

  • Wah Shell - I got an used second hand CryBaby pedal
  • Tropical Fish caps (2x 220nF) - SmallBear Electronic
  • Polystyrene Caps (2x 10nF) - SmallBear Electronic
  • Inductor - Whipple (Dandyjob - Ebay)
  • Wah Pot - ICAR Taper 100k (Dandyjob - Ebay)
  • PCB - VOX847 from moutoulos (Ebay)
  • Resistors - All carbon film (
  • Electrolytic 4uF - I used an 3.9uF NP Electrolytic Audio Cap from Jantzen (Ebay)
  • Transistors - BC109B (Kessler electronic, Ebay. Also available from SmallBear)
  • Switch is default 3PDT
  • Closed jacks

My Build

I also added a bypass LED and Wired everything true bypass.