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Monday, December 8, 2014

Axis FuzzFace Silicon


 The Axis Face Silicon is a Silicon Fuzz Face Circuit with some mods. The schematic and description of the pedal can be found at Fuzz Central:

Basically there is a additional pot called "Smooth". The more the control gets dialed clockwise, the smoother and overdrive like the fuzz gets. With this control its easier to get a smooth / round / creamy fuzz tone out of the pedal

In my build I also added a fourth pot "Contour". Instead of the 1k2 resistor, I used a 220R resistor and a 1k pot in series. The pot can be used for fine adjustment of the tone and the gain. When tuned clockwise Gain and midrange is increased. When turned all the way up, the value is the same as in the Axis Face Schematic from FuzzCentral.

So the controls are:
-) Volume
-) Fuzz (Attack in the Axis Fuzz Schematic)
-) Smooth
-) Contour


Instead of the 1k2 resistor I used a 1k pot and a 220R resistor in series, like shown in this schematic:


As for every pedal you can built it on a vero. I ordered a PCB from Its a universal fuzz face PCB, and can also be used to build up a 69 Fuzz Face or the Axis Fuzz Silicon.


Here are some pictures of my Build.


Here you find a Sound Demo of my Pedal.
Most time I used my favourite settings. Fuzz Control is turned all the way up for most settings. I only changed the Smooth and the Contour pots.

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