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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pharaoh Fuzz (King Tut)


The Pharaoh Fuzz is a very versatile Fuzz. Its also Muff based circuit (to be exact its a modified version of the Rams Head Muff), but it has following additonal features:

-) A fourth pot "High" for the High frequencies (additional to the Tone control)
-) Several clipping options: Silicium, Germanium or no clipping
-) Input filter selection: High or Low

The Black Art Toneworks Pharaoh Fuzz is one example of the Pharaoh on the current pedal market


The King tut project from rullywow has the same schematic as shown below:

The Blackart toneworks pharaoh fuzz features 470nF caps instead of all 47nF caps shown in the schematic.


A very cool project to build the Pharaoh Fuzz is the "King Tut" PCB from
The PCB is double layered, very small and looks awesome :)

I used this one for my build. Instead of the 47nF caps I used 470nF, as in the Blackart Toneworks one.

Drill Plan & Decal

Here you can download the decal and the drill plan of my build
I have used this enclosure

Download Links:

My Build

Here are some Pictures of my Build. I also used the cool DPDT breakout board for the switch from rullywow to have lesser wiring inside the enclosure


  1. Nice build! Too bad your drill template is no longer available. I could use it!

  2. Thanks! check it again, ive updated the link ;)

  3. Cool project! Thanks to you I am planning to build the same one using rullywow pocb and black Arts value caps.
    Do you have any problems with noise while using a DC brick?
    I have noticed that other layouts are using power filtering as it's done on the Proco Rat : a polarised 100uF cap + 100 nFcap, put in parallel between +9,5 V and ground to filter the power (remove ripple).
    Don't know if it is important with a correct power supply...

  4. sorry, links updated to google drive!

  5. no problem at all with noise! the 100uF voltage cap, is normally not required, because most DC adapters have good voltage stabilization - its more a protection for you circuit :)

  6. Hello. Did you had any problems with the change of the caps capacity ? I used this pcb : , changed the caps to 470nf and now I have a problem with the High mode. Like the caps are charging of something, the volume crashes when I play big chords. Do you have any idea where that can be coming from ?