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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Big Cheese Fuzz

Its getting Cheesy

The Big Cheese is a pedal developed by Lovetone, a company from the UK who discontinued making pedal. So all their pedals are kinda "Holy Grails"

The big cheese is a silicon Fuzz Face variant with an Input and output buffer, tone control - tone cap switch etc...a very versatile Fuzz!

there are following tone options:
  • off = disables the tone control
  • 1 = regular tone mode
  • 2 = more midrangy
  • 3 = cheese mode, crazy fuzz mode (the trimpot is to adjust this tone mode only) 


My Build

Ive used a feta complis pcb for my build. its a very well made PCB from OSH park (by plesur)
It fits a 125B enclosure nicely and has board mounted pots.
Fuzzdogs pedal parts has also a kit for this.

Also ive drawn a comic mouse for my pedal label :)


  1. Hello, I know this build has been a while, but do you happen to have the pcb files still?

  2. Salve...
    Io ho rifatto il pcb partendo dallo schema originale che prevede 6 potenziometri e 2 rotativi...
    Credo che questo sia un progetto un po semplificato...comunque bel lavoro...