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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Madbean Dirtbaby

Lets get Dirtbaby...

The Dirtbaby is a recreation of the Deluxe Memory Man with the common delay chip PT2399. The DMM is Delay pedal by EHX which is also able to emulate a chorus / vibrato effect.
The edge of U2 is using the DMM for a lot of rythm stuff (fe: U2 Song - Pride), so ive decided to build a dirtbaby (sidenote: Theres a new madbean project for a analog Memory Man now available: The Total Recall).

All the parts are easy to obtain. The hardest part (for me) was the 2u2F NP (non polaric cap)

The Pedal sounds really great, its very very versatile. If you like delay pedals, i strongly recommend building it!

For my build ive used a true bypass switching system by
This cool switching works with a microcontroller and a relay. It ensures absolute noise-less switching and a longer life (momentary switches last longer than common 3PDT switches)


  1. I'm in between this and the Echo Dream II.
    How do you paint the enclosures? Water decal and poly lacquer?

  2. Hi,
    this sounds very nice, very close to the analog version of the MM
    this was done with Waterslide + Envirotex