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Friday, February 27, 2015

Electric Mistress / Current Lover


The Electric Mistress is a Flanger / Chorus modulation pedal developed by EHX (Electro Harmonix).
Basically its a flanger, but has some chorus / vibrato tones too on some settings. Very versatile cool modulation pedal.
It can also create robot / metallic kinda sounds :)


The Current Lover project from MadbeanPedals is a clone of the Electric Mistress.
Its not an easy build, especially if you want to fit the PCB in a 125B Enclosure.

The current lover can be operated with 9V

Some Build Notes:
  • There are some exotic part values.
    Resistors: 13k, 1M2, 3k, 62k, 24k, 30k etc...
    Take care that you order all parts you need!
  • Connect the send and return togehter with a jumper (if you dont use them)
  • Read the build doc very carefully concerning which IC you use, either MN3007 or MN3207. You need to set the jumpers on the downside of the IC accordingly.
    For the MN3007 chip you need to omit 3 parts!


My Build

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