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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Vox Clyde McCoy Wah

Vintage Wah...

So I already built a weener wah, which is based on the clyde mccoy
But I wanted to built a Clyde McCoy Wah as possible to the vintage specs as I could get. And I wanted to keep it simple, not extra switches etc...

I used the schematic from fuzz central:


Part sourcing

The hard part for this build was not building it but getting all the parts:

  • Wah Shell - I got an used second hand CryBaby pedal
  • Tropical Fish caps (2x 220nF) - SmallBear Electronic
  • Polystyrene Caps (2x 10nF) - SmallBear Electronic
  • Inductor - Whipple (Dandyjob - Ebay)
  • Wah Pot - ICAR Taper 100k (Dandyjob - Ebay)
  • PCB - VOX847 from moutoulos (Ebay)
  • Resistors - All carbon film (
  • Electrolytic 4uF - I used an 3.9uF NP Electrolytic Audio Cap from Jantzen (Ebay)
  • Transistors - BC109B (Kessler electronic, Ebay. Also available from SmallBear)
  • Switch is default 3PDT
  • Closed jacks

My Build

I also added a bypass LED and Wired everything true bypass.

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  1. It's cool for this pedal with features:

    Sought-after vintage effect from the '60s
    The original was famous for making the sound of a muted trumpet
    Reissue contains a tone-critical part, a custom-tuned inductor, made by the original manufacturer
    True bypass switch
    Newly designed custom-taper potentiometer