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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fulldrive (Deadringer)


The fulldrive is an overdrive pedal originally developed by fulltone. its basically a tube screamer circuit but features mosfet clipping and a boost function for additional gain

the boost is no separate channel, it just increases the gain pot and therefore the overall circuits gain
That means, the boost section only works when the overdrive section is on.



My Build

I built this pedal with a madbean deadringer pcb (discontinued but available in the discontinued pcb section)

I made following changes:
  • Used a ON-OFF-ON toggle switch for the clipping switch, with the options: Mosfet, Diode and No Clipping
  • The other switch is wired up just to either add or remove flat mids from the circuit (connects or disconnects the 150k and 10nF cap)
in the original circuit theres on switch to toggle between mosfet and diode clipping, and one to choose between Flat (Flat Mids + Clipping), Compcut (FlatMids only) and Vintage (Clipping)
The computcut mode removes the clipping from the circuit, which will result in a volume / clean boost

ive managed it to put it all in a 1590B box, but it was a thight fit :)


You can download my decal here:

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