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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Multiplex Echo Machine


The Multiplex Echo Machine is a Tape Echo simulator Pedal. Its basically a dual digital delay with an analog sound. So two delay channels are mixed together (Delay1 and Delay2 knobs)
The Pedal features 3 different modes and a speed footswitch (to increase the delay time steadily)

There is also a modulation addon (with an LFO). Ive added this to the Delay circuit.
Theres an additional toggle switch (On-off-on) to switch modulation between Delay1 or Delay2 or turn modulation off. modulation pcb also features the knobs Depth and Speed.
For me the modulation has a reverb / vibrato kinda feel to it.

The Project can be found on

Schematic and build doc can also be found there


My Build

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