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Monday, November 2, 2015

King of Tone Overdrive (Queen of Bone)

King of Tone

The king of tone is one of the most hyped overdrive pedals of all time.
Its developed by analogman, but basically its based on the Marshall Bluesbreaker Overdrive. Its a dual channel overdrive pedal, so its basically 2 in 1.
Both overdrive sides are basically identical, beside what clipping diodes and what presence is set in the pedal inside (there are switches for the diodes and a trimpot for the presence)



My Build

For my build ive used the Quenn of Bone PCB from
I can highly recommend it. its not expensive, high quality and a lot of fun to build

i also used the rare MA856 diodes
You can order the MA856 diodes here:


  1. I see a third IC on the board but don't see it in the schematic. What does "IC3" do in the circuit and what chip is used?

    1. This IC is for charge pump, means doubling the voltage from 9V to 18V for more headroom. Check out the schematic of Queen of Bone from Rullywow