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Friday, December 4, 2015

Deep Blue Delay with Tap Tempo

The Deep Blue Delay is pedal by MadProfessor. Its a digital delay with smooth analog sound, based on the classic PT2399 chip.
Its very standard, 3 knobs: One for delay time, one for repeats and one for the volume / mix level.

This delay pedal is very expensive. Also it features no tap tempo. Since ive always wanted to do a tap tempo delay, i thought it was good idea to combine.


This is where ive got all the parts:

Build Instructions

Since the Deep Blue Delay circuit is not intended to use for Tap Tempo, here are some instructions that are essential. Some of them were not mentioned in any build doc
  • Connect Pin 6 of the PT2399 to the according PAD marked on the Taptation PCB.
    Theres an extra Pad on the Sea urchin pcb to do so
  • Omit the Delay pot on the Sea urchin pcb. The delay pot is on the taptation pcb
  • Connect PIN 4 (DGND) of the PT2399 to Ground! this is important, otherwise the Chip keeps locking up = no delay effect
  • Connect a Pull-Down resistor from the output of the effect to GROUND. Ive used a 100k resistor. This is to avoid the loud pop sound, when switching the pedal on/off.
Wire everything else up, as shown in the build docs.

This build should fit easily in a 1590BB enclosure

You find the Sea urchin schematic, BOM and layout here

My Build

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