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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Buzzaround Fuzz

Burns Buzzaround

The Buzzaround is a Fuzz Pedal, which is based on the Germanium Tonebender, but has some variations. Soundwise its something between a Tonebender and a FuzzFace.

It features 3 germanium transistors, the original features NKT213, which are very hard to obtain. Ive used AC125 for my build (ordered from musikding).

The Buzzaround is a very simple circuit, and its very easy to build. Projects for the Buzzaround are:
  • Madbean Bumblebee: Very good documentation (as always). Features an additional Volume knob.
  • GuitarPCB FuzzyBee: Ive used this PCB for my build. Musikding also sells kits. Note: If you want PCB mounted pots, then dont go with the kit and order some 9mm PC mount pots.
Since the Buzzaround features PNP transistors, the circuit would be positive ground. Both projects have a IC on board (as of FuzzyBee V2), for voltage invertion. This enables the pedal to be used along a multi  power supply with other standard effects.


Drill Plan

Download the Drill Template for the Guitar PCB project here. I have resized the one from the original document.

My Build